Authors wishing to submit a paper to CET Journal are kindly invited to follow the next steps:

1) Identify which topic the paper refers to. Papers not pertaining to the terms of reference of CET are not accepted.

2) Download the template of the paper, containing the formatting instructions
NOTE: if the text does not fit into 6 pages and it is not writen according the template, the paper is automatically excluded from review; however it is possible to revise the text and submit it once again as new paper

3) Upload the paper from this page, here below starting by selecting the number of co-authors
Confirmation of paper submission/receipt will be displayed on your screen immediately after submission.
The corresponding Author will be notified subsequently of the reviewing phase (within two months from submission);
in case the text is more than 6 pages or out of format the paper is automatically excluded and the Author is not notified.

4) Once the paper has been reviewed and accepted, the corresponding Author will receive a proposal for publication indicating the volume issue date; the corresponding Author confirms by paying the publication fee of 500 euro per paper by this link via credit card and by filling in and sign the transfer of copyrigth agreement
In case all the requirements are not met by the date of publication, the paper is included into the next available issue.

Next available issue is January 2020


Please select the authors number of the paper.

  • Please name the file as First-Author-Surname.extension (ex.: Smith.doc).
  • During the submission procedure you will provide the paper title, the list of authors with affiliations and addresses and the preferred topic.
  • To start the paper submission you have first to select the number of authors of the paper. If the number is greater than six, fill in data for the first six authors and then submit via e-mail the data of the remaining authors (from the 7th co-author on).
  • You are kindly asked to check carefully the information you submit here, since they will be included in the journal database and used for all publication related activities.
    Please write only the first name (neither middle-name nor middle initial) and the last name