The Conference topics will be presented in plenary lectures by invited speakers, in selected Lecture presentations and in the Poster sessions. Posters will be available for the whole Conference duration to promote author presentation and active discussion.

IBIC 2022 will take a series of presentation and discussion in plenary, oral and poster sessions

Innovative technologies in fermentation, bioseparation, biodetection (biosensor)

Biocatalysis, novel enzymes and advances in cell immobilisation

Novel processing (e.g. Biorefinery, Microbial fuel cells)

Plastics degradation (pre-treatment, microbial, enzymatic, combined)

New horizons in biological communication and potential applications (microbial, plant, animal, and cross kingdom communication)

Nanobiotechnology for manufacturing

Controlled and targeted drug release (matrices, modelling)

Bioprocess scale up/scale down strategies for improved production

Bio-composites (production, application)

Biofilms in Industry and medicine (designed production, degradation)

Environmental biotechnology and biotech processes for circular economy

Microalgal Biotechnology

Food Biotechnology