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IBIC2024 Secretariat & Organization

c/o The Italian Association of Chemical Engineering
& AIDIC Servizi Srl
Via Giuseppe Colombo 81/A
20133 Milano (Italy)

Phone: +39-02-70608276

Main Contact

Treasury & Payments (please indicate the name of the conference in the Subject of the email request)


The Conference topics will be presented in plenary lectures by invited speakers, in selected Lecture presentations and in the Poster sessions. Posters will be available for the whole Conference duration to promote Author presentations and active discussion.

1 Innovative technologies in fermentation, bioseparation, biodetection (biosensor)

2 Advances in biocatalysis
-Novel microorganisms (all domains, natural and genetically modified)
-Novel enzymes
-Novel immobilisation techniques

3 Unit operations for biotechnological processes (e.g. Biorefinery, Microbial fuel cells)
-Microbial processes and culturing techniques
-Enzymatic processes
-Upstream and Downstream operations
-Integrated biorefinery approaches

4 Sustainability in the 'plastics world':
-Novel bioplastics
-Novel bioplastic-producing processes
-Bioplastics in novel applications
-Novel (bio-based: microbial and enzyme-based) downstream processes for traditional polymers and combined materials

5 New horizons in biological communication and potential applications (microbial, plant, animal, and cross kingdom communication)

6 Nanobiotechnology for manufacturing
-Bio-sourced nanostructured objects for industrial, medical, food/feed, cosmetic and agricultural use
-Bio-mediated (microbial, enzymatic, biochemical) processes for producing nanostructured objects for industrial, medical, food/feed, cosmetic and agricultural use
-Uses of nanostructured objects in fermentations and downstream bioprocessing

7 Controlled and targeted drug release (matrices, modelling)

8 Bioprocess scale up/scale down strategies for improved production

9 Bio-composites (production, application)

10 Biofilms and confined biocatalysts in industry and medicine (designed production, degradation)

11 Environmental biotechnology and biotech processes for circular economy
-Wastewater bioprocesses
-Biostimulants-producing processes
-Biofilters-using processes
-Compost-producing processes
-Biogas- and biomethane-producing processes

12 Microalgal and macroalgal bioprocesses
-New process-relevant algal strains
-Advances toward a sustainable algae-driven bioeconomy
-Combined bioprocesses involving micro/macroalgae and animal/fish/agricultural farming
-Novel processes of micro/macroalgae applications

13 Bioprocessing for food, nutraceuticals and feed production
-Protein-producing cells
-Protein-producing insect-based feedstocks
-Pigments and bioactive compounds

14 Bioprocessing of renewable resources (with examples).
-enzymatic pretreatments
-microorganism based pretreatments
-innovative bioprocesses

15 Processes for pharmaceutical biotechnology
-production processes
-separation processes
-monitoring, control, and quality assurance